Slip Knot

I wanted to play music and write today.
I’ve done a little of both.
Not nearly as much as intended.
I did visit with my sister in person
and the parents by phone,
Ate good food I didn’t have to buy or cook.
I feel like a strange mouse in this house
that was welcomed in to entertain the guests
and is too small for the king size furniture.
I understood the horses better
Than my sister’s employees who joined us for dinner.
When all was said and done
I called one of my friends who knows the whole story
and even her wisdom had no solution
for the knot in my brain.

I’ll just have to keep dreaming.

2 thoughts on “Slip Knot”

  1. haha, i really like this. I don’t know why entirely…

    but you’ve got an odd kind of integrity happening with this blog… your poetry sounds like Jazz (and my bet is your Jazz sounds like poetry too..)

    well done! made me smile 🙂

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