A Wiley Westward Caravan of Sound

March 26, 2009 starts the Redwood Jazz Festival in Eureka, CA. I’ve been informed “this is the one to go to” this year.

I had a great time road tripping from Seattle to Sacramento last May for that festival and learned so much and met so many amazing people I’m eager to get to another festival. I’m also due for a visit to my parents in Washington since I skipped the holiday madness. I was considering trying to buy a plane ticket, but then started thinking…

Do I actually know enough people from my travels that I could drive across country and back with a couple musicians in tow and find enough gigs to let us eat, sleep and buy gas along the way? It would be a great way to visit some of my favorite people while the money I make here continues to feed the house as a place for other travelers to rest on their way through my neck of the woods.

I’m working on hashing out some details on my end, but suggestions, ideas, and contacts are certainly welcome!

One thought on “A Wiley Westward Caravan of Sound”

  1. Wendy that would rock if you went on a little tour like that. I support you BIG time. Get on your myspace and facebook and announce it to get the feelers out. how fun.
    I am around all next week if you wanna come over for coffee or go get some. coool. cheers girl..

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