I love…times 10

I’m sitting here listening to the sound of the rain outside and just read the lovely Miss Caroline’s blog about her 10 awesome things that happened yesterday and couldn’t help but be inspired to list some of the things making my own world a brighter place this week.

I love…

1. The roaring sound of rain on the tin roof outside when the world around me has seemed far too flammable lately.

2. A furry, purring cat by my side and a fluffy puppy at my feet while sitting on the couch and writing on the computer on a cold night.

3. Taking a detour to discover something new and a home cooked meal.

4. Listening, dancing, playing, singing, and just plain being in the middle of talented, inspiring, live musicians nearly every day.

5. Friends who don’t assume to have the answers, but help to find the questions that allow us to grow together rather than apart.

6. People willing to share stories about themselves.

7. A quiet, warm house when I’ve grown world weary and need rest.

8. The smell and taste of fresh ground coffee brewing at home.

9. Mistakes that allow you the freedom to change your perspective and salvage what’s good while you rid yourself of baggage.

10. Turning a grimace of frustration into a smile and laughter.

You are under no obligation, but please feel free to post your own ten things and keep the love flowing to brighten the dark.

One thought on “I love…times 10”

  1. you are an amazing sweet girl.. I love your top tens baby, keep it up…. Hope to see you tommorow night. I gots to work but will try and make it to Andrews party

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