Starting Fresh

As I peel off the layers of you
The elements are harsher
nausea swells in sunlight
rain soaks to the bone
through new skin too porous.

As I untangle the knot
the trailing ends trip my feet
the rope burns my fingers
as you grip tighter to the lifeline
that has been cutting off my breath.

I am too tired for kisses
followed by a punch in the arm,
sweet nothings whispered in private
that turn to bitter ridicule in public,
the layers of lies that provide no rest.

You say you did more for me
than anyone else in your life,
but I gave you everything.
Now there’s only love
that won’t feed your lust.

From nothing
I’m starting fresh
raw with spit fire & tears
fighting to take care of myself
for the first time in years.

One thought on “Starting Fresh”

  1. girl I support you to the max. Time to take care of yourself and follow your bliss and leave the baggage on the doorstep. You dont need that baggage anymore. Lighten your load baby, you deserve it.

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