Rhythm Rascals

This picture comes from April 2008 after a Firecracker Jazz Band show in Greenville, SC. After I’d danced to these two rhythm monsters, along with one more buddy, we found ourselves escorted to front row seats at the Brown Street Theatre for Wanda Johnson. Later we found our way down the road to the pool hall for a game or two to wind down. All in all it felt like a charmed night. I remember thinking at the time that a couple of pals like these were the ideal rhythm section for any band. We were friends, never lovers, and all about keeping the music hot.

Rascals remixed
Once upon a night after a show...

They did continue play together for the next two years in not only the Firecracker Jazz Band, but also The Screaming Js. Where ever they were playing I was sure to be dancing if I could make it. Finally, with a big kick from a friend three weeks before she left this planet for good, I pulled my nerves together enough to record a short demo with the two of them playing the hot jazz I love the most. The day seemed magical as we sat down and recorded just about everything in one take. It was like we’d played together for years. I suppose in a way we had, but never those songs. It was recorded just in time to bid farewell to a dear friend. As I listened to the final mixes today, the blurry headed fellow on the right is following the trail to the west coast to seek his fortune. I wish him all the best, but can’t help but hope we’ll all be reunited one day soon to make some more musical mayhem together.

No regrets, keep moving for the win.

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