NaPoWriMo #11: The thing you didn’t choose

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Dear mountainside house,

You know I loved you.

I enjoyed many days sitting on your porch
gazing across the valley into the clouds.
Until the money ran dry,
we painted & polished you as best we could.
I walked your woods in wonder with my dog
marveling at each new bloom in Spring.
But, the last winter there nearly killed me.
The weight of the work for warmth
without someone to curl up with at night
wore me down to tears.
It was the summer storm that broke my back.
Road weary from travelling to arrive home
only to find I couldn’t get home
because two red oak trees blocked the drive.
Again, I cried.
I wanted to stay,
but in the end had to choose to leave.
It was you or me, and both of us were dying.

I chose to live.

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