NaPoWriMo #3: scared yet?

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Childhood’s Fear

When the world transforms
will you be where you were born?
Do you belong in the skin
that you’re fitted within?

Dreams of witches
Transforming the family
Into a braying circus of donkeys
Shut out from the noisy chorus
Of conversation
Walking out into the world alone

Chased back into the house
By a bear
Not a tennis shoe wearing one
Of children’s song
But a tell tale sign
That something’s gone wrong

Waking with a scream
From these dreams
That muffle the adult arguments
From the other room
Sentinel heralds that this home
Is no longer safe
Rather a fractured fairy tale
That will not end happily ever
Unless the seeds are scattered
To grow wild across the land

Outsiders censure
Judge how the garden grows
Insisting on white picket fences
Not understanding
Some plants will tangle
Choking each other to death
Unless separated

Alone in the wilderness
This tree will root
Branch out and blossom
Providing shelter & fruit
For the wander lost
Approaching without an ax
Of condemnation

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