NaPoWriMo #4: inside out

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Fearless Heart

pa da Da Dum
pa da Da Dum
Clip clop resounds
of hooves on the street
Echoing sound
of internal beat
To know the tremolo
Of a horsewoman’s heart
Listen to the stride
Of her trusted steed’s feet.

Mother has the heart of a Thoroughbred
Rarely at rest except when grazing
Mostly charging forth fearlessly
Unless restrained & pulling the lead
Dancing in a rhythmical flutter.
Perhaps that’s what started the stutter…

You can’t keep a good woman down
But hide a racing heart
In a corporate cubicle
Behind a glowing screen
30 some years
Where a love of speed
can find no release
Those hobbled hooves
will find fractured gate
Releasing the tension
In fibrillating bursts.
How do you untie the knots
Of too many years stalled
Before finally running free?

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