NaPoWriMo #6: converse with images

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Picture the Dragon

Searching for an image
of inspiration
Refusing to settle
for rehashing what was seen
on the scene
made it’s impact
now is gone.

Scanning photo collections
of ephemeral moments
that once lit a spark
but now are dark
wearing memory’s weeds.

Even the most recent photo
seems quiet enough
until finally at the end of the day
a new picture is captured
of the third burning building.

Maybe it’s just
random coincidence
that the photo album
placed a thumbnail of you
over this flaming scene.

The first was passed
on the way to the last picture of you
the second on the run from you
the third today outside this window
a reminder that
no matter how far you are
you set my world on fire.

Fire outside my hotel window in Merriville, IN 4/11/2010

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