Flash Forward

I still haven’t written the story about the wind storm that closed the freeway while we frolicked at the Grand Canyon, or the hotel/bus depot we spent the night at in Cheyenne, Wyoming clinging to Aaron Wood’s new EP tracks off his website (aaronwoodmusic.com) for comfort. I haven’t written about doing 14 shows in 14 different schools around King County in 5 days while trying to squeeze in visits with family & old friends and how many I missed anyway. I haven’t written about returning to Asheville to be greeted by so many great musicians ready to make the music happen. I haven’t written about how scary it is to look at the next few months of open dates to fill with projects that feed my heart & spirit & belly while keeping a roof over my head. I’m still working it out.

I have a bicycle, that I’m fixing. I have a 5 song EP waiting to be copied, but available to download. I have an article to write for the paper about someone who reminded me to keep focusing on what I do well and to get it done. So, apologies for holding back on the stories until I finish the ones that put a few dollars in my pocket. I need to pass them on to the next person for doing what they do well that I can’t do for myself.

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