Summer heat

This summer has been hot! I don’t know what the actual temperatures have been, but I find that biking around town means a whole lot of perspiration. (In other words I feel like I’ve spent most of the summer a sweaty mess.) The Red Hot Sugar Babies have lived up to their name so far, and July was full of steamy shows like the one at Rogers Park captured in the video here:

The Red Hot Sugar Babies from Erik Olsen on Vimeo.

I’ve also been weeding gardens, writing articles, learning & writing more songs on the ukulele, and trying to keep my brain from melting. Fire seems to be the theme as it burns away the debris of the past. Any day now I’m hoping to take flight with new wings like the phoenix. August has been so steamy with showers that it’s been hard to see the way clear to launch toward anything new. If anything I’ve learned to rely on myself more since even the best of friends will sometimes turn and walk away from you. But, I’m grateful to my roommates and the friends who have continued to offer their support as I burn through all this mess.

September is starting to shape into something while the rest of the year remains a big blank page for now. Now back to dreaming up a plan of action for the journey into the heart of winter so I don’t end up frozen.

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