Tip Jar Economy

Everyone I know is trying to sell something. Whether it’s a piece of jewelry they made or a life insurance policy. I wonder where timber mogul William Randolph Hearst was when they decided to allow consumers to use paper as legal tender after he helped ban the industrial hemp that George Washington grew. Regardless, our lives are now planned around pieces of greenish paper and how they flow through our hands.

I felt like a “sell-out” putting Google ads on this website for a while, but they never paid enough for the bother. I finally put a donate button right below the booking link a year ago, but I don’t think anyone has ever clicked that button. I do get some booking emails though (that aren’t spam) and actually turn real ideas into real dollars. Really though this blog has always been a labor of love. If I didn’t love it, I wouldn’t do it. If I love it for all it can be, then like a well-watered garden it begins to grow.

So, here are a couple fresh new songs out of the notebook free for you to read. You may even find me singing them on a street corner near you. If you feel so moved you can always leave a tip through the “feed the muse” button whether in the form of dollars now or ideas for dollars later.

* * * * * * * *

Moving On

See that train a coming?
Gonna jump that open car
Let it take me far — down the track.
My baby’s up & left me
Now there’s nothing to hold me back.
Been blue too many days,
Now it’s time to move on with this pack.

See that shooting star,
Blazing cross the sky?
That’s what I’m a-chasing as you see me zooming by
And I may never catch it,
But I’m sure to learn to fly.
I’ve been caught in a lazy haze
Now it’s time to touch the sky.

Don’t tell me I can’t do it
Because my heart and will are set
If you don’t bet on me,
You’re bound to lose your hat.
You see I’ve had enough of crying
Listened to far too much a-lying,
Now this light is going to shine as bright as it can get.

* * * * * * * *


Won’t you take me down
to where the water is cool?
Just hold my hand a while
Listening to crickets woo.

Tell me a story,
Doesn’t have to be true,
Of something that made you smile
Talk of laughter too.

Let’s shed society’s shackles,
That gossip raises my hackles.
Just whisper something sweet
& it will be a treat.

There’s sunshine in your smile,
Starlight in your eyes,
Your voice is an angel’s melody
Straight from heaven & that’s no lie.

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