Rocktober Spinning

Have you ever paused to consider what grabs most of your attention and thought during your waking hours and how that compares to your dreams? How many of us are simply free falling forward into the next “squeaking wheel” that needs tending? Today’s world of communication is constantly interrupted by phone calls, text messages, emails, facebook and the person in your face telling you what you should be doing for them while ignoring the person behind them who has what they need.

It has become a luxury to take time to think for yourself without somebody trying to sell you an idea, image, or product. Many may call you selfish or lazy for not giving them your full attention, but without personal reflection it’s easy to lose your center causing damage to yourself and those around you as you careen out of control.

I’m guilty of this rocking into October spinning circles along the highways for Poetry Alive! shows, saying farewells to friends transitioning to new projects that spiral them further away, completing all the steps to apply for North Carolina Artists Fellowship Grant (deadline is Nov. 1 for all you artists out there looking for financial aid), jazzing with the Red Hot Sugar Babies, making new friends and connections through music, hustling to find work that makes dollars and sense, and all the while adjusting to a new home that has spent the month in transition as two of us moved in and changed the balance of the space the four of us now call home. In other words, this month has been a chain of run-on sentences allowing little time to think about what I’m doing before I find myself doing it.

Finally, after running rough shod over a few friends, I hit the pavement literally when a “trash can jumped in front of me” while riding my bike “hell bent for leather,” as my mother would say. It’s not the first time and probably won’t be the last, but over the years I may have gotten better at minimizing the damage when I do crash (though it takes time to heal the relationships). I still bleed & bruise, but I also heal quickly as I take the time to adjust my energy through Qigong & Reiki which I began to practice after moving to Asheville.

Seeing the human energy field.

I remember wandering into Essential Arts in Asheville to look at the pretty rocks and seeing an image of chakras for the first time that matched the colors of the opal, amethyst, blue zircon, and green turquoise I had instinctively found to wear as jewelry for my ears, neck, and wrists. I realized I’d armored myself on the road to help stop the pain. I began to understand how much my health was based on proper alignment of my body from musculoskeletal system to energy field. What the American corporations that sell you their patented drugs and health care (and who now pay for the candidates currently up for election) never advertise is that most of this cannot be fixed by one of their pills, fad diets, or surgeries. In fact, many of the pills they sell you hide the pain while creating new problems. If something natural can heal you, they’ve been doing whatever they can to keep it from you in order to increase their profits since at least as far back as the 1930s when Dupont and Hearst succeeded in prohibiting Hemp. True health care reform will only come when Americans change their consciousness about healing from something that someone else must sell you to something that you do daily for yourself. If you haven’t already, check out this grassroots documentary film that explores where eastern philosophy and western science meet at quantum physics:What The Bleep!? home page

Natural science continues to unveil the natural design of the world and how we have the ability to find balance within that framework. American corporate science continues to find ways to manufacture profit. As we head this week into the harvest festival at summer’s end or “Samhain” (also referred to as Halloween, Féile na Marbh, Ayamarca, etc. depending on which culture of this planet you were raised within) consider what you have harvested this year and your own balance of health in the natural world.

Currently, I’m inspired by a couple of the most focused and naturally healthy people I know who are rocking with their ukuleles this weekend. The first is my new roommate and registered nurse Lin Llewelyn who is headed with her ukulele love wave to the Rally to Restore Sanity in Washington, D.C. The second is ukulelerockstar Ami Worthen of The Mad Tea Party who (in addition to a seasonal record release of Rock-n-Roll Ghoul) is urging political radicals this month to leave Asheville’s much loved Mad Tea Party alone at election time:

However you celebrate this transition time of year, I hope you find time to love and care for yourself so that you may share that healthy love with the people calling, texting, facebooking, and in your face. I’ll be doing a little bit of work each day myself to meet you there.