Giving it all away

If October was Rocktober, then November must have been Noremember because it simply flew by too darn fast. Without time to look back, we’re on a crash course with the turn of the tide at the winter solstice and the end of another year.  It’s also the time of year where expectations and traditions start boxing with the cycles of change and transformation the season brings. As we head into the longest, darkest night tempers flare and tears are shed by many torn apart by the demands placed upon them by friends, family, and mostly themselves to do and give more with less.

Last year I watched my house slide into foreclosure after giving away most of my possessions to friends and neighbors. I finally surrendered the rest to be disposed of by whoever ended up in there once I was gone.  I can tell you this for certain, in the year since then I have never once felt I needed any of those things. Even my beloved dog Isis has grown into her destined job as pack leader of the mountain dogs caring and cheering the “old man of the mountain” who was the best neighbor I could have asked for in the six years I lived there. She’s also my excuse to go check on him–, I mean visit.

While this year has still not been financially bountiful, I have found plenty of blessings to lift me along the road toward the next place. Mostly I have regained a freedom that I didn’t even know I was missing under the burden of “too much stuff.”

Needless to say, I will not be going to the mall this year with a list of purchases of “stuff” for family, friends, and neighbors. I believe that only by shedding last year’s baggage can we open our hands to accept what the new year has to offer. So, though tears may fall over what I can’t afford, I continue the practice of gifting away what I have to those who need it. Sometimes that may only be a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on for a friend who is blue. But, what is more precious than your time? This year consider spending your gift of presence on the people present in your life.

Before you go, here’s a little prayer for the blues in you:

Singing through a rain of tears
Sad songbird too tired of worldly woes
Weak from all that’s been withdrawn
Barely holding on to melody
Pouring out all that remains
Longing to be left alone
May you find honey
To sweeten your song
Filling you with hope again.

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