Solstice Prayer

While waiting up for the lunar eclipse (despite the clouds that hid it from view in the wee wee hours between midnight and day) I wrote a little prayer that helped me focus on this period of transition as we start the cycle of the new year. I offer it to you to whisper to the wind as well or take as inspiration to create your own.

Walk naked through the dark
Let go of doubt & fear
Step bravely into this moment
Trust that there will be
a hand to hold
food to eat
shelter from the storm
Waste no energy worrying whether what your hands create
is beautiful enough
strong enough
or will last long enough
Rather do and continue to do the best able
Welcome all to the feast at the table

Before you go, here’s another fledgling poem which emerged from the dark as the days finally gathered another few moments of light.

Healing a broken bird
Requires strong articulate gentle hands
That tell the story of a quick mind
Which can flip a clever trick
With a voice that whispers serenity
To light tired eyes
Relax the constricted larynx to song
Breathing new flight into wings longing to soar

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