It’s not only Leap day, but it’s been a month since I’ve posted to this blog and the last chance to post something before the new month begins. I’ve been brooding over it a bit and thought I’d share at least something before the clock strikes midnight.

Perhaps this whole month should have been called Febroodwary. It seems I’ve listened to many people brooding over loss, pain, and the need for change. Let me tell you guys, while I may have a sympathetic ear, bemoaning your woes and sharing your suicidal thoughts are not very attractive ways to flirt with me. That said, know that I love you all anyway. I just could really use a good man in my life that takes a moment to stop and ask about me. In short, while other’s may find February romantic, I found it emotionally draining.

I skirted the attempts of universities to channel me down the path of psychologist/psychiatrist rather than performance for a reason. I truly believe that the performing arts provide the catharsis that most of us need to transform pain into beauty to allow us to let go and move forward with our lives. I also know that I can reach many more lives through performances than I ever could listening to each individual’s story. Also, as draining as a performing can be, it’s not nearly as draining as one individual using me as their lifeline at a moment of crisis.

Jack of Hearts
Jack of Hearts

Someone did ask me what I did for fun anymore, and I realized I had no answer to that. I used to say dance, but now that I’ve given up music as a hobby and am working at it as a profession even dancing at a club to my favorite musicians has become more work than fun. Okay, this is the point where I realize that writing after driving 14 hours of the past 48 and doing 3 poetry shows, a teacher workshop, while still catching 3 bands in order to follow up on business and sit in with them has taken it’s toll. I am officially exhausted on all fronts.

So, as we March forward into the new year I invite you to join me in making a leap of faith. Together we can make a difference and live the life we dream up. I’m not necessarily talking about broad sweeping miracles, but belief in the power of each individual moment. Today I found a jack of hearts and a magic wand. I chose to let them remind me that with love and a few magic words anything can happen.

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