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When the words won’t come to my fingers under the keyboard, I go back to putting pen to paper. Sometimes when all the world’s words are spinning by so fast, the pen in hand helps slow down and distill the essence.

Here are a few barely edited blurbs fresh from the page:


Tax Day
Sun Day
No taxes
Tracing the lines
of lies
Tied to the $ signs


nearly twins
2 sides of a coin
Anything done to excess
will kill you


Riding the rapids
Through the deafening babble
Dog sits stoic at the bow
As a lone fly buzzes


Neither money nor fame
are core human values
so why are so many humans
caught up in the struggle?


Why spend time attacking those who dare approach
rather than building a bond of love so strong
as to weather every storm?


Driving the highway river
finding the center of flow
no longer in a hurry
with just a few hours to go
rolling into the Blue Ridge
as the sun sets at our backs
white red yellow lights
wink on to light the track
like a backwards river
flowing up the hill
dancing through the rain drops
whispering “peace be still”


His heart was bigger than this world.
Now he has the wings
to see it all
& sing his songs into the wind.


Already into May
the winter bites back again
reluctant to let summer
reach the northern village
Barefoot Beltane in Southern Spring
this northern ground chills through shoes
shifting green for gray
Springing back to Summer
through the city that never sleeps


Sunset from Robert Moses Causeway
Sunset from Robert Moses Causeway
Oak Beach after Sunset
Oak Beach after Sunset

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