Back to Life

My poor website has languished from lack of attention. I just spent the school year working with eight outreach Girl Scout troops as a Program Provider, working catering gigs for weddings, developing a website and social media for an inventor’s new product, moving, giving an eight year old girl some voice lessons, and of course playing as much music as I can with friends. My poetry has suffered. Writing creatively has taken a break from being in my world as I work more on living life than hiding behind my notebook or laptop.

However, that doesn’t mean my muse is dead, just dormant for a bit. Inspiration is a friend that thrives on golden moments when we slow down to really observe the world around us. These days there are so many words and news streams and photos and memes and viral videos to distract us that it is hard too find the time to breathe. I hope to breathe life into work this summer and perhaps there will finally be something for me to write about again that is worth sharing. You might just catch me taking my dog to the river too in between the works to be done.2016-06-09 20.58.20

For now, know that sunsets are beautiful at home, the garden is growing, and there’s music to be played live.


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