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Doo-dads & dribblings journaling through the holy daze

Howdy reader! It’s been a while. In fact, I almost let the site disappear, but then realize I’ve grown rather attached to this odd piece of internet real estate where I can park my words. Looking back through the paper journal there’s a gap of words between September and November as my world shifted and moved once again. So, I thought I’d get the new year started here by playing catch up and sharing some of the word droppings that made it to paper since the last blog.

Warning, words are slippery and unless you catch me speaking them directly to you it’s possible that upon reading them you may make new meaning from them that has nothing to do with what I was thinking. I can’t even tell you what I was thinking, because all I have left are these dribblings of those thoughts.

The words are here free for you to read. If you like them or find them useful and would like to see more you can feed the muse by clicking the little donate button in the right column. This allows you to magically add cyber dollars to the paypal account which pays the fee for having this space for words owned by little ol’ me. Also, feel free to browse the other areas of the site which contain more words and music and even where to find me in the real world sharing words and music.

Okay, shameless self promotion done. Now for the journal doo-dads…

“Tell me about your true love,” he said.
But the answer comes not from a tongue gone mute
In her mind she answers the question for herself
“I have loved before and may love again,
but never had one that’s true.”

I wish I had something new to tell ya,
But it’s been a whole bunch of the same
Finding my way only to lose it again
As the mirage I’m chasing drifts farther away

I should be on the road by now
Instead of walking round this town
Looking for something I can’t seem to find
But I just can’t get you off my mind

I hear you keepin’ on by the timbre of your song
As the seasons change
Relationships turn strange
Falling back or springing forward
Wondering what to look toward

I wish I had some light to give
To shine you out of the hole you’re in
But the flame died in all the tears I shed
When you let another woman take my bed
I should be on the road by now
Instead of walking round this town
Looking for something I can’t find
But I can’t get you off my mind

I’m looking for a song
That will move my heart along
As the seasons change
Relationships turn strange
Falling back or springing forward
Hoping for something to look toward


We’ve crossed paths missing connection
Crossed hearts swearing no lie
But that offers little protection
Crossing the world before we die

I walked across town in the rain
To wash away the fear & pain
For the bodies buried on Babylon’s shore
For Mia Zapata & women around the globe
For the children of Sacramento
For the children of Littleton
For the children of Newton
For the children who died today
not knowing it was Christmas somewhere
Gone too soon, taken from us
I wash the fear in drenching rain
I let the past let go again
Stepping through the veil
To awake refreshed, wide open & frail

We open & you hear me
Even from a-far
The thought of you
like fine sweet molasses
pours over my soul
soothing all that aches
Love heals

Step out of fear & into the moment
We are all here together

Dropped out of the whirlwind of cyber delusion
Lost in the mainstream now
Surrounded by masses fed media until
confusion drowns.

Caught in the funnel
Fumbling for air
If we don’t breathe
there’s no riding the current
If we fight, we sink

Check your center
Focus to stay afloat
Reach out a hand to help a brother
rather than pushing them under
to save yourself.


OCD, PTSD, ADD, Autism, Asbergers,
what you be?
Labeled filed & defiled
by the pharmaceutical industry?