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Wendi offers an introduction to traditional American music and poetry forms encouraging students to make poetry and music out of their everyday environment. The goal is to create an exciting interactive experience for students integrating curriculum content. Integration units include:

  • War-time Blues—Connect History to Song Writing: Students will develop blues songs based on their perspective of key concepts from history.
  • Musical Math—Division of Sound in Music: Students explore how rhythm patterns in music and lyrics relate to fractions of time and create their own patterns and songs.
  • Sound Science—Explore how Wind and Vibration create Pitch and Tone: Students will build simple instruments from recycled materials that create tone and pitch with either wind or strumming.

Wendi received a Bachelor of Arts in Acting, Playwriting, & Musical Theatre from Western Washington University. Since 1997 she has been a performance educator for Poetry Alive! (bookings through poetryalive.com) She has been showcased performing her own poetry at a wide variety of events and venues across the country. Her writing has been published in Poetry Slam: The Competitive Art of Performance Poetry Anthology among other places. She has conducted performances, workshops and residencies as well as in-services for teachers at all levels across the country. She has also taught Music and Drama at the Middle and High School levels in South Carolina, worked with the Greenville Metropolitan Arts Council’s SmartArts Arts Integration program since 2004, and taught Acting for the 2014 Tanglewood Theatre Camp at Asheville Community Theatre.

Since moving to North Carolina she has performed with Tryon Little Theatre, Diana Wortham Theatre, and ACT’s 35below in addition to playing & singing traditional jazz with some of her favorite Rhythm Rascals, performing acts of dancing poetry with the ragtime blues band The Screaming J’s, and playing flute and clarinet as well as adding vocals to a variety of gypsy and latin jazz with The Gypsy Swingers. Currently Wendi is working after school as a Outreach Program Provider with seven neighborhood Girl Scout Troops. Wendi also performs with The Red Hot Sugar Babies singing roaring 20’s hot jazz and sultry blues, Viva la Verse! with Andy Pond sharing poetry through various music styles, and as a solo artist with ukulele singing her original songs and modern popular tunes.

Please contact booking@jazzandpoetry.com for more information about bringing Wendi Loomis to your school for performances and workshops.

Plan now for the 2015-2016 school year.
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