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Do I really need another blog?

A friend recommended and I must admit it’s fairly easy to work with. I have a blog at but recently that has become a “professional” blog with all the articles I write for the Tryon Daily Bulletin. This experiment is still a fledgling and has just a few posts from myDancers of all ages enjoy the Firecracker Jazz Band myspace/facebook blog/notes. While in some ways it seems silly to start yet another blog, I’ve been writing notes to the world since 1997 and it’s hard to give up that personal yet public blog time. I don’t know who my audience is and therefore have the freedom to write what seems appropriate at the time. Enjoy the blurbs culled from other places or visit the articles listed over at or read a few of the blogs I enjoy by friends from different points in my life. (Well okay, I’ve never met Neil Gaiman, but Sam Lovelace has and I keep reading what he writes – comic books, novels, short stories, blogs – and hoping to someday grow up and be kinda like him…but different.)

Check back and see what happens here. I may even announce posts through twitter. Haven’t decided yet.

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Something old and something new

Rosemary Clooney & Benny Goodman for inspiration.

Mike Gray & Henry Westmoreland busking in Asheville one fine spring day.

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